Josh Ramirez.
Born in Glendale, California, grew up in the Inland Empire, he had a strong passion for visual arts at a young age, for starters he began to love cinema which transitioned into Photography, he is completely self taught, he got started in 2006 when he bough his first entry level DSLR camera and started where most photographers get their start, photographing friends and family, he did that for four years and a long the way he learned so much about all aspects of the industry and honed his skills as a photographer and decided to pursue it professionally.
In 2010 he began to acquire other gear, lights, modifiers and all kinds of accessories for photography for on location and for the studio. It took him about two and a half years to acquire all this equipment that he has and felt he was ready to start his portfolio to show his work and style.
His style of photography is mainly atmospheric, bold and dramatic for being a movie aficionado.